Global Shipping Goods Services

Shipping Solutions Customized for your Business

We offer our clients tailored shipping solutions. For clients that have established freight forwarder relations we deliver to their warehouses with all the necessary documentation. For clients that wish us to provide door-to-door or door-to-port services we accommodate these needs as well.  In all cases we provide:

ISF form 580T

We make sure the 580T is in the hands of US Customs before the goods are shipped. 


  • Invoice “billed to” the Accounts Payable location.
  • The Federal-Mogul location receiving the product
  • Complete part description in English.
  • Harmonized Tariff Number
  • Quantity
  • Value
  • Extended Value
  • Country of Origin
  • Currency
  • Incoterms

Packing List

  • Part numbers shipped.
  • Reference pallet number associated with part number.
  • Net weight
  • Gross weight

(Express) Bill of Loading

  • Description of goods
  • The Federal-Mogul location listed as the “Consignee.”
  • Properly signed document
  • Date of Lading
  • Port of Lading
  • The number of pallets and packages (i.e. two pallets with 24 packages)

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