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  • Protective Masks (click to purchase)
    • The medical mask can be worn to prevent droplets from moving into the air.  The mask is adjustable to fit any face shape and has high elastic precision welding.  It has a soft skin friendly texture.
    • 3 Layer Disposable Medical Mask
    • Certificate FDA/CE
    • Size 175 x 95 mm
    • Filter Grade > 96%
    • Sterilized Packing: 50 pieces per box
  • Protective KN 95 mask (click to purchase)
    • The KN 95 mask is the industrial equivalent of the N95 mask. It is form fitting around the face and excludes 95% of the particles as small as the Covid-19 virus.

  • Protective Suits (click to purchase)
    • The protective suit is designed for protection in high contamination areas.  It can be used in Intensive Care Units.  It is available in multiple sizes and offer in sterile and non-sterile packaging. All are sized XL 175 cm
  • Protective Goggles (click to purchase)
    • The plastic goggles seal around the face to reduce the likelihood of contaminated droplets entering through the eyes.  The elastic strap adjusts to most facial sizes.
  • Protective Face Shields (click to purchase)
    • The clear face shield provides splatter protection for the wearer.  The band is adjustable/
  • IR Non-Contact Thermometer (click to purchase)
    • This medical grade infrared thermometer can quickly and accurately assess forehead body temperature.  It allow quick non-contact scanning of a large number of people.

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