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Mark Boone
Managing Director

Mark has a lifetime of experience passionately building relationships and enabling businesses to turn their dreams into reality. He loves a challenge and never waivers in his commitment to inspire and create.

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Geoffrey Boone
Vice President – Manufacturing & Global Sourcing

Geoffrey is full of life, loves to travel, and has an incredible ability to solve the most difficult problems within seconds. Geoffrey has a knack for connecting the world by establishing and building powerful relationships anywhere he goes.

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Christian Etheridge
Director of Marketing

Christian combines technical expertise (USMC aircraft electronics technician) with his innate ability to understand customer’s needs to help our customers get what they actually need to grow their businesses. If this means directing them to services outside Markus Group so be it. Christian provides client coaching in SEO, social media and Internet marketing.

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Fredrik Perman
Chief Industrial Designer

Fredrik loves to conceptualize, brainstorm and to create new things flawlessly bringing concepts into reality. He has dedicated his life to creating innovative products, jaw dropping digital content, sensational branding, one-of-a-kind graphics, and art. Capable of building anything, he possesses extensive knowledge in design capabilities, 3D-printers, laser cutters, rotary cutters and CNC machines.

Parks Newby Profile Image
Parks Newby
Engineering Manager

Clever does not begin to describe the expertise Parks brings to solving complex technical challenges. With more than 40 years’ experience in product development Parks is able to create 3D models and test them long before metal is ever cut for tooling. Parks also serves on the faculty at North Carolina State University teaching computer aided design and robotics.

Zahid Malik Profile Image
Zahid Malik
General Manager Far East

Zahid has a passion for education. He sponsors many local schools to enable underprivileged children to achieve their dreams. As a well respected leader and businessman, his vast political and social connections enable him to accomplish seemingly infinite projects with unparalleled perfection.

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Michelle Schmidt
Director of Social Marketing

Michelle is a charismatic and driven leader! She has a genuine ability to connect with almost anyone on a personal level. Her skills and expertise empower solution based results. She lives with an unwavering passion creating endless possibilities.

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