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Markus Group Ltd. is a strong consultancy firm specializing in development and outsourcing of products for client companies. We are extremely focused on only provide goods to our client companies. Our goal is to increase our client’s sales and profitability. We employ a systems approach to ensure products meet their design-to-cost and performance goals.

Activities and Mission


Markus Group was founded in Woodbridge, CT. Initial projects included worldwide product assessment of water filtration products for Sunbeam Corp. and the development of an advanced filtration system for vodka in St. Petersburg Russia. The company relocated to the Research Triangle in North Carolina in 1998.

Our educational background is in Ergonomics. This influences everything we do from product design to our business consulting practice. We maintain strong relationships with Universities and are able to bring extremely talented individuals and technology to bear on the most vexing problems.

Our client base spans a wide variety of markets and industries, including personal care products, medical devices, consumer products, and industrial products.

We focus on our client’s global supply chain by managing sourcing, quality, purchasing, logistics and customs for our clients. We deliver quality product to their door. Our goal is three fold: Deliver what is needed; Deliver when it is needed; and to be kind to all concerned in the process.

We have developed deep relationships with factories in North America, Europe and Asia with the ability to produce a variety of products. We leverage these relationships for our clients to help them achieve their performance, cost and quality objectives. Our core expertise is supply chain management so whether our clients needs are FDA listed medical devices, fiber optic cable splitters, ceramics, video displays, or sporting goods, we have relationships and process in place to serve their needs.

With the rate at which the world business environment is changing, what worked yesterday does not necessarily work today. We keep close tabs on the changing political environment for our clients. If this means relocating production from one country to another because of tariffs or civil unrest we help our clients stay ahead of the curve to prevent business interruption. We understand different products have differing expectations. We like to think Bic and Mont Blanc both make world class pens. They just have different retail price expectations.

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