Global Contract Manufacturing Service

If you manufacture products in Asia, or if you are considering contract manufacturing services in China Pakistan or India, Markus Group Ltd. will increase your product’s quality and lower your prices. We do that by maintaining offices in Ningbo, China; Faisalabad, Pakistan; and Hyderabad India. as well as in the U.S. Our international staff speaks both English and their native language, solving one of the biggest problems facing companies that manufacture outside the United States – poor communications.

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Communication is Key

Precise communications and regular follow-up are vital to maintaining quality when dealing with offshore manufacturers. We provide our clients with on-site manufacturing supervision and clear communications in the language spoken by the manufacturer’s management and workers. The result is improved quality and lower costs. If your current manufacturing is riddled with problems, we will solve those problems. And if you are developing a new product, we can take that development project from idea to a finished product. The savings we generate easily pay for our feet-on-the-ground supervision and seamless communications.

Understanding Different Cultures

A complete understand of cultural nuances is essential to do our job.  Frequently first time clients come to us with stories about sloppy quality, poor delivery and unfulfilled promises of savings.  The root source of most of their issues is the same – poor communications. Markus Group solves this problem. We work with factories in their native languages. More importantly, we are sensitive to the cultural issues that further enhance communications. (We tell you well in advance what can and cannot be done around the Lunar New Year, Ramadan and National Day Holidays) Our communications go both ways.  We work with a factory manager in their native language, and then with you in English. We tell you how hard is reasonable to push for price concessions, and beyond what point quality will suffer.  In almost all cases by having Markus Group involved we are able to keep client cost lower than they would have been without our involvement.

By having offices staffed around the world we are accessible virtually 24 hours a day. If you need to speak to someone about an ongoing project in China at 2:00 AM US time you can call our Ningbo office and Weeken Qian will assist you. If you need help with textiles at night you can call Kashif Masood in Pakistan.   Of course our US office in Raleigh, NC is always available to assist you. 

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