Manufacturing Management and Quality Oversight Services

Managing Quality and efficiency

Some clients come to us with established vendor relations that simply need better management oversight.  We take on the responsibility for managing for quality and efficiency.  When Markus Group serves as your presence on the ground at factories, it allows you to maintain oversight over the production process without the overhead cost of keeping personnel in country. We oversee pilot productions runs, production ramp, and streamline the production process for greater efficiency and quality control.  Our personnel can be present when containers are loaded to assure that goods are packaged properly and are fully compliant with US Customs regulations.  We use our relations with testing companies such as SGS to coordinate the random testing of products to assure that processes are being applied consistently.   This is particularly important for parts that must meet safety performance requirements. 

Get Certified

We provide coordination services for getting products certified.  We have provided clients with help in obtaining UL©, NRTL, CE, FCC, CS and CB certifications

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