Why Choose Markus Group LTD?

Success is won in the margins.  The WHY of Markus Group is our ability to provide customers an edge which moves them in the market from interesting to market dominance.

To bring a product to market requires:

  • Innovation
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales

Individuals and companies generally have strengths in one or two of these areas.  Normally not all.  Our expertise is in product enhancement and manufacturing.  We frequently suggest materials and processes which improve product reliability and add new features.

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We deliver products to our customers completely ready for retail sales or in a form which will seamlessly integrate with their industrial process.

We take a collaborative approach to working with customers.  We work to find the WHY behind our customers and their products.

Examples of our work

A hunting product we produce, the customer originally gave us a specification for a material to be used.  While the specified material worked, gaining a more in-depth understanding of the product allow us to suggest ways to improve the product.  The material needed to work equally well in salt and fresh water as well as have excellent long-term UV resistance. We suggested a PVC coated fabric mesh which provided superior performance without increasing the cost.

For a client for whom we make wax warmers we suggested changing to a ceramic heating element which will last for the lifetime of the product.  The incandescent bulbs previously used as a heat source had to be frequently changed.

Sometimes careful sourcing provides a competitive edge.  For machined parts, we have developed a proven group of companies who can often make metal parts for 35% of the costs some clients were paying for parts purchase from a catalog. 

Flexibility & Adaptability

Markus Group is flexible in the way in which we work with customers.  Some projects which have limited production runs only require us to match the customer’s product needs with a vendor who can produce the part.  In these cases, we qualify the selected vendor on a consulting basis and turn over the project to our customer to manage.

Understanding cultural differences with vendors in other countries is often a challenge for our customers.  We have been making goods in Asia for over 25 years.  In that time, we have developed methods to minimize misunderstanding arising from cultural differences.  We have key personnel on the ground in the countries where we source goods.  These people help us to assure quality standards are met.

Our Shipping Expertise

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Markus Group stays on top of US Customs regulations and tariffs.  Frequently tariffs can be a deciding factor in where to locate production for a particular item.  We have built excellent shipping relationships and facilitate delivery of goods to our customer’s facilities.

Occasionally a customer will require shipping to multiple locations.  We arrange shipping as per needs.  We also provide cost information on alternative shipping methods.  Frequently consolidating a shipment to an FOB point in the US and then distributing the goods to multiple locations can significantly reduce shipping cost.

We have an in-depth understanding of the Harmonizing System.  Correct identification of the proper harmonizing number can frequently mean the difference between a smooth and a delayed import.

Markus Group has the ability to identify sources for manufactured goods.  One client who needed to purchase mechanical components for a medical device was able to reduce their cost by over 50% when we helped them identify to actual producer of the parts.  We completely respect signed distribution agreements.  In our experience some companies imply they have exclusive distribution agreements when they do not.   

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