Manufacturing World Class Medical Products at an Affordable Price

Markus Group Limited, Raleigh, NC has formed a partnership with Injection Systems (PTY) in Lahore, Pakistan to produce and sterilize medical components.  The facility is FDA listed and has a validated ETO sterilization chamber.  Markus Group is currently shipping finished sterile products to  Anutra Medical .  The partnership leverages Markus experience in cost effective production of medical devices with a skilled workforce operating a GMP manufacturing facility.  Geoffrey Boone, VP Manufacturing, commenting on the Pakistan facility said, “The facility in Lahore provides us the capability to offer clients world-class medical products at an affordable price.  We are excited about offering this capability to additional customers.”

Markus Group Ltd (919) 571-3260 is a North Carolina based corporation specializing in the contract production of high precision medical components and consumer electronic devices.  Clients range from Fortune 100 to start up companies. The company was formed in 1994.