About Us

Background & Business Activities
Markus Group Ltd. is a strong consultancy firm specializing in development and outsourcing of products for client companies. We only provide goods to our client companies. Our goal is to increase our client’s sales and profitability. We employ a systems approach to ensure products meet their design-to-cost and performance goals.

Our educational background is in Ergonomics. This influences everything we do from product design to our business consulting practice. We maintain strong relationships with Universities and are able to bring extremely talented individuals and technology to bear on the most vexing problems.

Our client base spans a wide variety of markets and industries, including personal care products, medical devices, consumer products, and industrial products.

Markus Group Company History

2015-2018: Expanded production to include high tech products including fiber optic cable splitters.

2010: Developed new retail air purification products and expanded practice to include video advertising displays for airports.

2009: Expanded practice to include consulting support to USAID and production of medical devices.

2007: Developed strong client base associated with the production of “As Seen on TV” products.

2005: Opened joint office in China, began production of industrial products for clients.

2001: Received ATF certification for import of law enforcement products. Expanded manufacturing in Pakistan

1999: Developed extensive number of filtration products for companies focused on Y2K concerns. Developed stainless steel spinning technology in India.

1998: Relocated Corporate headquarters to Raleigh NC

1994: Company founded in Woodbridge, CT. Initial projects included worldwide product assessment of water filtration products for Sunbeam Corp. and the development of an advanced filtration system for vodka in St. Petersburg Russia

Management Team

Mark P. Boone, Managing Director
Dr. Neal Hill, Director of Business Consultation
Parks Newby, Product Design Consultant
Geoffrey Boone, Vice President of Global Business Development
Weeken Qian, Manufacturing Manager (China)
Chuck deCourt, Executive Consultant, Broadcast and video technology services